Wooden sauna indoor and outdoor : Bull, round,square

An other view on the sauna!

Wooden sauna in image

Wooden sauna  Red Cedar indoor or outdoor.

Our saunas, for private or professional use, are designed for those who want to relax in a natural red cedar wood environment.
Our saunas have two forms : rond or square.  In these forms we build openings to make your sauna more fun.
Two ways of heating are proposed : electric or wood.
Several options such as the bull or half window meet a real succes among the sauna fans.
It is a new aproach of the sauna, more design, that Hestia côté bois proposes.

Sauna bois bulle

Round sauna with bull: see the sauna another way!

The design, the roundness of this sauna and its accessories (hemisphericial bench, transparent bull,...) will offer you an originality combined with the well-being of the sauna.

An inner diameter of 185 cm and a length of 260 or 300m (external sides) offer you a significant space to enjoy your well-being session. Electric or wood heating.

Sauna bois rond

Rond sauna

This round sauna can have a transparent bottom wall and therefore open your sauna space to the outside so you can enjoy the daylight to illuminate and give life at your sauna.

As all saunas, this sauna has an amount of  options and characteristics: porch with benches in option, electric or wood heat, deported control, tree types of doors, inside lamp, door lock, roof,…

Sauna bois carré

Square sauna

Our outside or inside square saunas are available in 4 sizes: from 2 till 6 places with transparent glass door or granite like.

In option, a fixed bay can be placed on the opposite wall of the door, which will give extra natural light during your sauna sessions.

Principal characteristics of our wooden red cedar saunas

In Red Cedar Clear 2 wood from Canada (red cedar). Certified controlled wood – FSC – Forest Stewardship Council

Sauna bois
the 2 till 6 places
Diameter of 185 cm for the round saunas
Length from 200 cm till 240 cm

Our saunas are deliverd on pallets, but we can also assure the installation.

All our saunas are made, manufactured, assembled and produced in France
Guarantee 5 years on the wood and 2 years on stoves.

Sauna bois

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