Wooden Spa Red Cedar

Closest to nature

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We consider each wooden spa project as unique and offer a single contact from design to production. We work on measurement with you so that your wooden spa project is the most functional, aesthetic and fits perfectly in your wellness area. Our wooden hot tubs are made in France.

Hestia côté bois, a technical and creative look which imagines your future well-being space together with you.

Different ways to integrate your wooden Spa bois Red Cedar

Spa encastré


Your spa wood is then fully built into the terrace, it must rest on a flat surface.

It is only exceeds 7 cm to allow the laying of the insulating cover.

The technical part of the spa (processing unit) is placed on the floor (with access by a trap door) or in a remote room.

The control panel is installed on the floor of the terrace near the wooden spa.

Spa semi encastré

Half built-in

The spa is then half build in the terrace, it is based in a pit (the pit plan is provided).

The technical part of the spa is housed in a wooden or bricked structure accessible through a trap.  minimum volume l80XL100xH70.

A square or circular wooden surrounding allows you to hide the piping and integrates the control panel. It is made to measure according to the depth of the embedment

Spa encastré

Above the ground or free pose

The wooden spa is installed at the same level of te terrace or on a plan and stable floor

Access by a step.

The technical part can be placed in a technical room in Red Cedar placed against the spa or deported in an element in brick

The wooden backgrounds made by us same custom make to fit your space. It can be of different shapes, round, square...

Principal characteristics of our Wooden Spa Red Cedar

In Red Cedar Clear 2 from Canada (red cedar). Certified controlled wood – FSC – Forest Stewardship Council  Aucun liner ni coque!

Spa en bois red cedar
from 3 to 10 places
Diameter from 120 cm to 240 cm
Length from 112 cm to 122 cm
Our spas are deliverd on pallets, but we can also assure the installation.

All our spas are made, manufactured, assembled and produced in France

Spa en bois red cedar

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