Wooden Sauna Hestia côté bois

Three types of saunas for your relaxing and well-being area

Our outdoor saunas are made in France in a carpentry employing 4 persons.

Nos différents types de chauffage pour sauna bois


We move if needed to install our sauna throughout France and further...Our round saunas are 100% Western REd Cedar clear 2 and stainless steel screws A2,which gives your sauna a longevity.

An indoor wood-fired stove or an indoor electric stove ensure the functioning of your sauna. Many options allow to customize your sauna. Our saunas are made to withstand harsh climates that may be encountered in the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Massif Central and the Vosges... Outdoor saunas cannot be considered as a place of residence, as a result of climate changes and the work of the wood. The sealing can be complete with protection on the roof. Initially the tannins of RED CEDAR under the effect of the water will come out, this natural process will fade after a few weeks of use.


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